How To Lose Weight Fast

Ok, so you want to learn how to lose weight fast, huh? You’re not alone. Millions of obese Americans also want a better, more slimmed down body that they don’t feel ashamed of. Nobody wants to walk around with dozens of extra pounds on them, and have to deal with the myriad of medical issues that arise due to obesity. So I’m going to share my secret to how to lose weight fast with you, and it’s not as hard as you may think.

Mental Adjustment:

I’ve found that there are two main motivators in life that drive humans to do everything they do. Those are pain and pleasure. In our lives we take actions that will bring us pleasure, and help us avoid pain. But the problem is most people who are overweight make short-term decisions to avoid pain and have pleasure.

This comes in the form of not going to the gym because it’s painful, and staying home to watch TV because it’s pleasurable. Or, eating that slice of cake because it brings you more pleasure than not eating it, or taking the escalator instead of the stairs etc. You see what I’m getting at?

So in order to lose weight fast, the first step you must take is taking a longer viewpoint on the pain/pleasure stance and asking yourself, “Are the decisions I’m making now going to bring me more pain or pleasure in the future?” If the answer is more pain, don’t take that action. Because eating that slice of cake, avoiding the gym, not taking the stairs, etc. are bringing you short term, short lived pleasure, but they will bring you long-term pain in the long run in the form of obesity, medical issues, a shorter lifespan, and overall unhappiness.

Deciding to have short-term pain, like going to the gym and eating healthy, will actually bring you long-term pleasure because you’ll be healthy with a lot fewer medical issues, a nicer body, and over all you’ll be a happier person.

So step one is making a mental adjustment to forgo short-term pleasure for long-term happiness, and after doing this long enough you’ll find that the things that brought you pain initially (gym, eating healthy, etc) will now actually bring you pleasure because your working towards a final goal of health and happiness. (This has the added benefit of boosting your self-esteem).

How To Lose Weight Fast

Here’s the plan:

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, there’s one unavoidable law of nature you’re going to have to follow. And that is you’ll have to consume far fewer calories than your body burns. This isn’t new information, but’s it’s vital to your weight loss efforts. Here are my easy tips on how to do this:

For breakfast, have a protein shake with 20 grams of protein, followed by a coffee or tea with no cream or sweetener. Consuming protein in the morning helps your body burn calories more efficiently, and drinking coffee or tea right after adds caffeine to your diet which speeds up your metabolism.

Eat about 5 small meals per day instead of three large meals. Studies have shown that snacking throughout the day actually helps you lose weight versus having the normal three square meals per day. These meals should consist of lean meats such as fish, chicken or turkey, salads, low carbs, low fat yogurts…

Drink water instead. When you’re thirsty or having a meal, have water instead of soda or juice. Staying hydrated is imperative to slimming down, plus you’re not consuming any calories.

Walk, Walk, Walk. In order to lose weight fast, you need to burn calories as well. You should be walking at least 1-2 miles every day, and if possible jogging. Whatever you can do to burn calories, do it.

Go Green. Eating salads (with very little dressing), consuming green smoothies (they’re very fashionable these days), or eating as many greens as possible is a must! Not only do greens such as Kale, Chard, and Spinach carry TONS of nutrients that your body loves, they are also great fat burners.

Low Carbs! One of the most important things you can do when learning how to lose weight fast is stay away from carbs. Especially white breads, sugars, white rice… You should have some carbs, but go easy on them, and if you must, make sure they’re whole grain.

If you can count your calories every day, and only consume 2,000 healthy calories per day while burning more than 2,000, you’re going to lose weight. And the bigger the difference is between how many you’ve burned versus the amount you’ve taken in, the more weight you’re going to lose quickly.

If you burn 500 calories per week more than you eat, you should lose about 1-2 lbs per week.

Four Tips to Find the Perfect Breastforms for Your Body

Simple mastectomy or partial mastectomy? Breastforms can help if you have chosen not to have reconstructive surgery.

Here are 4 tips for finding a breastform or breastforms that work for you.

1) Immediately after your surgery, you’re going to want to wear a very light weight breast form. You don’t want it heavy weight or rubbing on your on the breast area while it is trying to heal.

2) Once the surgical site is healed up… if you’ve have a partial mastectomy, you will want a breastform that is similar in size and weight as your other breast. If your breast form is not similar in weight, you will be unbalanced, and it may lead to back problems. If you’ve had a simple mastectomy, there really is no reason to need to wear a breast form except for yourself. The sky is the limit for you. You can choose to wear a lightweight breast form, a silicon breast form, or whatever fits your fancy.

3) Silicon forms are the most popular breastforms because they look and feel more natural than their counterparts. They are more expensive, but they mold to your chest for a secure fit all day long. The come in a variety of shades, colors and with or without nipples. It’s all what preference is.

4) Foam forms come in a variety of different styles to help fit against you properly. You can choose a contoured back, flat back or built up back depending on how much tissue is left. Foam forms are light weight, and for a woman that has had a simple mastectomy, it is all she really needs.

Whatever form or style you decide to choose, make sure it is comfortable for you. There should not be any rubbing, and obviously it shouldn’t feel like you’re carrying around a sack of potatoes (see lightweight)! Contact a breast cancer shop today to get the perfect fit for your body.

Symptoms Which Will Warn You About Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is primarily a genetic ailment which can affect individuals of any sex equally. The symptoms of bowel cancer can be seriously deceptive. It includes a wide variety of undesirable signs, which can probably go unattended, due to the ambiguous nature of the symptom. The symptoms can potentially indicate something less lethal, which is why it’s advisable that one should not take any chances, and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

One needs to know that bowel cancer takes several years to develop before they display noticeable symptoms. This inevitably implies that one needs to contact a doctor immediately, when one notices the slightest indication that something is not fine.

Let’s have a look at the symptoms of bowel cancer, which will help you recognize the ailment.

-Change in bowel habit which includes long lasting diarrhea for a period of 2-6 weeks.

-Bleeding during bowel movement.

-Unexplained lack of appetite.

-Weight loss.

-Stomach pain and constant tiredness.

In some cases, individuals may also experience a feeling of breathlessness. Also, one needs to remember that bowel habits can change, depending upon the food and fluid intake along with some other lifestyle habits. However, if one experiences a change which lasts longer than a few weeks then one needs to consult a doctor immediately.

Let’s now have a detailed look at some of the symptoms to help you understand the symptoms better.

symptoms Which Will Warn You About Bowel Cancer

Blood from anus during bowel movement

Blood from anus during bowel movement is caused due to hemorrhoids. They burst out causing immense stress, and invite unwanted thoughts which can potentially hamper your daily activities as well. Without any arguments, one needs to get their health checked, if they experience blood from their anus.

Unexplained weight loss

Unless, one is trying to reduce weight voluntarily, this would involve serious health complications. Weight loss is usually achieved by regular exercise and by following a proper diet plan. If you are losing weight without any of these measures, then you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Pain in the back passage and stomach pain

A stomach pain is a regular thing which can occur to anyone out there, due to indigestible food intake. However, if they last longer than your expectations despite your care, then they signify something lethal. Likewise, pain in the back passage is a rare sight, and one should see a doctor immediately upon such instances.


As such, tiredness is a common thing which most of us experience when we indulge in some physical activities. However, if you experience tiredness very often, and it’s not how you feel normally, then you need to get yourself checked by a good doctor.

As you see most of the symptoms like tiredness, stomach pain, weight loss and hairfinity reviews and lack of appetite is something which we experience in our daily life. Most often we tend to neglect them, thinking that it’s a regular ailment, without wanting to imagine that these symptoms can be an indication of one of the most dreadful ailment-bowel cancer.

Weight Loss Tips

Everybody wants to lose weight as they are aware of the health conditions that are caused by obesity. Obese people face problems like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc. Above all the fact is, if you reduce the weight and manage to keep it under control then you are less likely to get these diseases.

General idea of losing weight is to do moderate exercise and follow a proper diet. You need to burn more calories than you consume which the basic logic behind weight loss. Here we give you some weight loss tips that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Diet : All of us know that food plays an important role in weight loss. A proper diet makes you consume less calories and more nutrients. Include more healthy food in your diet and eliminate the unhealthy food options such as pastries, cakes, beverages, sugary and processed food, chips etc. In today’s hectic lifestyle, especially in metro cities, people unknowingly follow unhealthy food habits and consume more calories as they eat fast food and junk food often. These food contain calories which make you consume extra calories and saturated fats.

Breakfast and Meals : Breakfast is must to kick start your day because it increases your metabolism rate which helps to shed the extra pound. Doing stomach full and proper breakfast keeps you active all day and you feel less hungry for rest of the day.

Besides proper food, you need to understand when to eat and how to eat. Eating 2 to 3 large meals would take much time to digest and lessen your activity. When the food does not get digested quickly and properly, you get cravings for unhealthy food. Thus, eating frequently would make you lose weight, so eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 2 to 3 meals and improve your digestion process, so that you automatically avoid unhealthy food craving and so the consumption of extra calories. Try to eat healthy when you eat such as, fill half of the portion of your lunch and dinner plates with salads and skip desserts instead, eat a fruit after meal.

Water: Water is the soul of your weight loss program. No other drinks like, beverages, juices will fulfill your need as water does. Water keeps you hydrated all day and helps in the digestion process. It helps your body to absorb all the nutrients from the food and increases the metabolism rate with washing all the toxins out from the body.

Calorie Count Every body is different, so it is possible that a certain method of weight loss might work on your friend and not on you. Metabolism rate and calorie count plays a vital role in weight loss and it varies from person to person. So first count your calorie intake and plan your daily diet accordingly. If you know your calorie count and metabolism rate then you can plan your exercises routine too.

Exercise : With all the things given above, you need to be physically active. Cardio exercises are known to reduce much weight in a short time span. If you combine exercises like aerobics, yoga and cardio you will get the utmost results for weight loss. Just remember not to start with intense exercises suddenly as it may cause you an injury. Try to increase the intensity level gradually.

If you do not like to go to the health club or gym, then you can perform other physical activities like cycling, jogging, swimming, brisk walking etc. Staying active is important and you do not need a particular gym routine for that. Take some time out for your outdoor hobbies like dancing, swimming, playing some sport etc, or take part in tournament like swimming or running competition so that you will lose your calories effectively. If you do not want to decide particular timings for the workout then you can go for a 30 minutes walk any time in the day. If you increase the speed step by step then you can lose 400 to 500 calories in one hour session.

Even when you are not working out, be active and stay lively for the whole day. If you are stuck at your desk at office for a long time then get up and go out for a 10 minutes walk in the break timings. Do not rest at home on the weekends instead, plan outings, play some team sport, go for hiking, plan family picnic etc. Thus, you can relieve your stress while losing some calories.

These are some weight loss tips which will help you maintain or modify your diet, burn the extra calories in your body and keep you focused on losing weight. These are healthy and proper ways to lose weight. Remember, do not get attracted towards the crash diet plans or hard core exercise programs because they make you lose weight quickly, which is not at all good for your body. With such plans and programs you will get desired results for sure but would also gain all the weight back in few months. Always seek for a healthy and long lasting way to lose weight.

Cancer: A Stubborn Ailment

Cancer: A Stubborn Ailment

The war against cancer has a long history in store for all of us. Despite tons of investment and decades of research, we have experienced very little change. There are truckloads of people across the world who are diagnosed by cancer almost every day. Despite the advancement being made in understanding and diagnosing the ailment, cancer is still on the top of the charts amongst the list of life threatening diseases that exist in our society today.

The irony with this ailment lies in the fact that the complexity of the ailment seems to increase with the understanding we have been able to create about the disease. One would be surprised to know that there are more than 100 different types of cancer which can potentially victimize anyone of us. Calling a disease a cancer is just like calling a cell phone device a mobile. Although all cell phones have the same primary function, each of them have certain unique features which separates them from the rest. Likewise, colon cancer is different from breast cancer, lung cancer is different from prostate cancer and so on. It’s very unlikely that you will find one solution to deal with the different kinds of cancer that exists today.

The research work conducted so far has provided us with great insight about the molecular function of the cells along with the chemical pathways, which gets damaged in a cancerous cell. Cancer cells can be de-activated by bringing about a change in the chemical pathways.

Cancer occurs when the cancerous cells grow and do not stop. They grow to such an extent that they push out the normal cells. The key is to fix the damage which causes the cells to act abnormally, in order to get rid of the ailment. The information obtained from the research work has to be used for the introduction of new and improved drugs. In some cases, these drugs have showcased very satisfactory results.

While there are new treatments and research work under play to dig deeper into this life threatening disease, it’s advisable to play safe, and stay immune from cancer in the first place as the costs of fighting cancer can only be paid by having good health insurance quotes.

Also, it’s not always possible to stay immune from all kinds of cancer. The exact cause of brain tumor, prostate and breast cancer is yet a mystery in the eyes of medical science. However, more than 40% of the cancer exist amongst individuals because of our faulty lifestyle. Bad habits like smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption pose a great risk to our health, which is why it’s imperative to stay away from these bad habits.

Experts reckon that more than 400,000 cases of cancer reported each year can be avoided, if an individual makes deliberate attempts to lead a healthy lifestyle. This number is undoubtedly huge, and every individual needs to give his/her best shot to better their own life, rather than repenting later over what has happened. All it takes is a little bit of dedication and hard-work from your part, and you will be able to pave goodbye to the stubborn cancer.

What is asbestos?

There was a time when asbestos was one of the most widely used substances in the world. Things have changed dramatically however over the last few years. This is largely because of the growing recognition that there are some very serious dangers to exposure to asbestos. The dangers are in fact so serious that asbestos is no longer used in much of the world.

Asbestos is a type of rock that has been used for many years by humans, mainly for construction applications. Although it has been in use for more than four thousand years it did not really go into widespread use until the early part of the twentieth century it is not used for construction in the western world any more as the result of the dangers that it poses however it is still widely used in the developing world because of the benefits that it offers.

What is asbestos?

The main reason that asbestos was so widely used in construction was that it was very effective at absorbing sound and was also fire resistant. Asbestos also offered the advantage of not being damaged by heat or chemicals. This combined with the fact that it has a relatively good strength to weight ratio and that it is widely available as it is not hard to find deposits that are large enough to start a profitable mine made it a seemingly ideal option for construction. It was widely used for insulation in buildings as well as frequently being mixed with cement to form a structural material.

In addition to its construction applications asbestos was also widely used as insulation for wires. Again the reason for this use was that it was cheap and very effective. The result is that most buildings that were built before the mid seventies have asbestos wiring or insulation that has needed to be removed as it is no longer acceptable to have buildings that contain the material. That being said in most cases trying to remove the asbestos actually increases the risk since it is the dust that causes the health problems.

Although it has really been over the last thirty years or so that the general public have been aware of the health risks of asbestos it turns out that there has been evidence of it for a much longer period of time. In fact there was evidence as far back as the early years of the twentieth century that asbestos may have been responsible for several deaths. It has also come out in the lawsuits against the asbestos industry that they have been well aware of the health risks since the thirties. The mesothelioma attorneys have used this revelation to greatly increase the amounts that the asbestos companies have had to pay in compensation to the people who got sick as a result of exposure to asbestos.